AI to DX,
UX design as well

E-Shop Labo performs high-level production with web development in Python incorporating UI/UX design. In addition, DX will support CRM implementation and help you with tomorrow's business.

Why choose E-Shop Labo

Among many IT solution companies, the goal of E-Shop Labo is to work together to reach the goal. To that end, we aim to provide a service that satisfies many factors, not only technology, but also reliability, quality, and cost.

Technology Technology

We respond to requests with the latest technologies such as AI technology, fast-response website and application development.


We standardize UI/UX for all development services and demand a high level of quality for all products.


We put responsibility and credibility first, and strive to be a reliable business partner so that many people can use our services with peace of mind.


Eliminate new services and innovations that must be abandoned because of cost. We consider cost as part of our service.
System development

System development

E-Shop Labo's system development is created in Python to provide quality services at a reasonable price
  1. Flexible and highly developable.
  2. It is also used for AI technology and management, which makes it easy to link systems.
  3. Not only is it easy to prototype, but also stable in the actual product.

EC site construction

The feature of E-Shop Labo is to develop with the latest web technology.
Site development in Python is important for future-oriented businesses.
Also, leave EC site development to E-Shop Labo.
  1. Develop in Python
  2. Development on Shopify is also possible.
  3. e also develop owned media.

E-Media Kit coming up Spring 2023

Digital Transformation Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation
CRM implementation and operation

We support the introduction of DX to streamline operations and improve productivity. We provide CRM, MA, and SFA implementation and operational support, and provide services with the aim of improving operations based on marketing, sales, and sales office data.
  1. We will support the introduction of Monday.
  2. We also provide Quickbooks introduction and utilization support.
  3. We also develop our own CRM.

UI UX design

We focus on UI (User Interface) as one of the means to improve UX, and support the construction of UI/UX that has a sense of unity, is easy to use, and increases conversion from the design of the entire service.
  1. We will diagnose your website for free.
  2. UX consulting will clarify the solution.
  3. We create and improve websites designed from UX.

Please feel free to contact us

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Please feel free to contact us regarding system development.